AI Report: For Marketers & Sales

AI Report: For Marketers & Sales

Welcome back to our weekly AI Report (2nd Edition).

Below you will find:

  • Top AI news of the week
  • My latest youtube videos
  • My favorite ai tools that I can't stop using or talking about
  • Your Invitation to Join The AI Business Bootcamp
  • My top 3 favorite AI creators for this week

Top AI News This Week:

1. CBS News: Tech Companies are slashing thousands of jobs as they pivot toward AI.

Not all roles are being laid off, some are being retrained into working with AI - which is why it's so important for you to learn AI now.

Tech companies are slashing thousands of jobs as they pivot toward AI
Technology companies are axing jobs as they pile deeper into artificial intelligence, with one expert calling it a “sobering signal.”

2. ABC News: Fake Explicit Taylor Swift Images: White House Is 'Alarmed'

This is only a beginning. I predict we're about to see a rise in deep fakes and how it can bring on a whole new set of dangers and risks to our society.

Fake explicit Taylor Swift images: White House is ‘alarmed’
Lawmakers are calling upon Congress to pass legislation that would regulate artificial intelligence.

3. WKMG: St. Cloud Police Use AI To Find Crooks & Cars Faster, Easier

If you thought AI was just useful to make cute images, or write emails faster... this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out how the police in central Florida are using AI:

St. Cloud police use AI to find crooks and cars faster, easier
Artificial Intelligence has made its way into local law enforcement’s use of interconnected cameras to make thousands of video feeds infinitely more valuable.

This Week's YouTube Videos:

1. How I Generated $75k Online (A Step-By-Step Tutorial):

2. How To Land Your First High Ticket Client (a step by step tutorial): Learn how to craft compelling offers using AI. This video provides valuable insights into refining business models, targeting the right audience, and using AI tools to create offers that resonate and convert.

3. I HACKED Canvas Custom GPT (and learn how to PREVENT it!)

Top AI Tools For The Week:

1. Superhuman: The fastest email experience ever made, Superhuman offers AI-powered email for high-performing teams, saving teams over 10 million hours annually. I'm obsessed. I've hit inbox zero two weeks in a row with this tool. Claim your first month free with this link -

2. LinkedIn Ghostwriter GPT: Since GPTs came out in November, I've been obsessed with creating GPTs for everything. We currently have a GPT in the GPT store that has generated 1,000+ opted in leads into our email list and has been used over 1500+ times by users.

You can try our LinkedIn Ghostwriter GPT for free here:

3. Penfriend AI: Penfriend generates articles based on a proven content strategy that's delivered $30.1M in revenue. Inge von Aulock and Tim Hanson spent 500+ hours refining prompts, and created a platform that guides you through article creation step by step.

Only the best goddamn AI content | Penfriend -

Top Custom GPT of The Week:

There's 3M+ Custom GPTs in the GPT Store.

and I'm testing GPT's often (so you don't have to).

Only a small % of them are actually very valuable and useful.

This one is one of them:

ChatGPT - Landing Page Optimizer 🤑
Optimize your landing page with personalized advice that can improve your conversion rates. Trained on a battle-tested CRO framework & 2000+ Landing Pages.

It was created by Lucas Mondora and I'm a huge fan of it.

AI BUSINESS BOOTCAMP: Learn How To Start, Grow & Automate Your AI-Powered Business

Over 250+ professionals have joined our 3-day bootcamp in the last quarter, gaining a massive jumpstart to this AI Shift.

Learn more here:

And after working closely with 47+ high ticket business owners last quarter, we've discovered that for any business to be successful (regardless of the niche) it all starts with the offer.

Your offer dictates: your client avatar, sales processes, traffic strategies, and client fulfillment.

In other words, you need to figure out what your offer is first.

Once you have clarity on your offer, then you can then figure out who it's actually for (your ideal client avatar).

Secondly, you'll need to start testing different sales processes to onboard your first handful of clients (your paid beta testers) who will validate and fund the development of your product/service.

Third, after you get a few clients to buy your offer, then you can start testing client fulfillment to really stress test how scalable that offer will be (and if you even liked doing it in the first place).

At this stage, you will have achieved product-market fit, which means you now have a proven offer.

So the next logical step is to drive more of the right traffic to generate more sales.

Many people skip steps 1 - 3 and go straight to step 4.

But, if you skip the foundational steps and focus solely on driving traffic to an unproven offer, you're wasting time, money, and energy on an offer that might not even convert - and this is why most entrepreneurs fail.

Product-market fit is everything.

In this three-day bootcamp, I will show you my proven strategies that has helped me generate $500k+ online by micro-testing and pre-selling offers before even getting to build or create them.

This allows me to generate funding faster to build offers and businesses without having to spend countless hours pitching my ideas to VC hoping that someone will fund me.

Here's exactly what we'll cover during the AI Business Bootcamp:

  1. AI-Powered High Ticket Offer: Learn how to leverage AI to create a high ticket offer using your skills, goals, and ideal client avatar.
  2. AI-Powered Go-To-Market: Discover how to use AI tools, Custom GPTs, and our modern GTM strategies to test and validate your offer to help you find product-market fit and start generating sales from your first clients.
  3. AI & Automations: Explore the exact systems, AI tools, and automations needed to micro-test your offer so you can work smarter and faster. Success loves speed.

By the end of this bootcamp you will have:

  • clarity on what your offer is
  • understand who it's actually for
  • know how to land your first handful of paid clients
  • and how to leverage ai tools and automation so you can earn more while working less

If this sounds interesting to you...

Learn more here:

(Don't wait! We sold out the last two times we hosted this.)

Top 3 AI Creators to Follow:

1. Heather Murray: AI For Non-Techies

2. Audrey Chia: AI & Copywriting

Audrey Chia 🚀 - Close With Copy | LinkedIn
You’ve 2 options in today’s AI marketing landscape.<br><br>Wing it and hope your content… | Learn more about Audrey Chia 🚀’s work experience, education, connections & more by visiting their profile on LinkedIn

3. Matthew Lakajev: AI & Sales

Matthew Lakajev 🚀 - Unlock AI | LinkedIn
So you want to generate warm leads on LinkedIn?<br><br>And you’ve been listening to the… | Learn more about Matthew Lakajev 🚀’s work experience, education, connections & more by visiting their profile on LinkedIn

That's it for this week! Until next time :)

If you have any topics that you'd like for me to cover, any AI tools, GPTs, or creators to highlight please send us an email:

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