[Case Study] $157K Generated In Q4 2023

[Case Study] $157K Generated In Q4 2023

I Generated $156,936.23 in Q4 2023 & Here’s My Exact Breakdown of How I Did It

This is specifically for:

→ high ticket business owners (consultants, B2B SaaS, Agency owners, etc)


Here’s what I sold, solely on LinkedIn

(with $0 VC money, 100% bootstrapped, no website and no real product created yet)

  1. AI Business Bootcamp - 3 day bootcamp on how to add ai into your marketing and sales process - https://marketingpros.ai/bootcamp
    • Up sold/down sold AIMM

  2. AI Business Accelerator - https://marketingpros.ai/aiba (used this to build capital to fund product dev for my business)
    • Up sold/down sold ai agent setups
    • Up sold/down sold our all-in-one CRM

  3. Marketing Pros All-in-One CRM - https://marketingpros.ai/crm (SaaS)
    • Up sold/down sold annual plans setups

  4. Influencer Marketing: A few sponsored posts but nothing major (prob around $10k+ came from influencer type posts) - I started declining a bunch of them after I saw how our offers generated us more revenue than promoting other tools

This is EXACTLY How I Sold It:

  1. I studied my content to find ideas of what to offer
  2. I micro-tested a low ticket offer


Once people joined, I surveyed them via email:

  1. Once I had idea validation, I built and pre-sold the AI Business Accelerator
    1. All I needed at this stage was an offer, a product page with payment processing capabilities, and 1 automated email confirming their purchase
  2. During the bootcamp, I made the offer and upsold a bunch of clients in bulk
    1. I sold it as a cohort so I could have control of client enrollment for the purposes of product development
    2. They funded the product development and they funded the market research of how to build the product to be useful specifically for them
  3. Product Fulfillment
    1. I set start date 2-3 weeks later so it gave me time to get initial stuff in place
    2. My job then became to always be 1 week ahead of where they needed to be in terms of content/deliverables promised
  4. Product Optimization
    1. I onboarded a second cohort, to test tweaks and everything
    2. OpenAI released GPTs → it made our process so much easier but we had to now transition the cohorts to simplifying it even more with new tech
    3. I extended beta testers for free so they could leverage the use of GPTs making our experience even better and easier

My Sales Process: 

Organic Lead Gen:

Okay, great. But how did you generate leads? 

I don’t have a big audience like you. 

You don’t need a big audience to start.

I made my first $100k online with less than 400 followers on IG, and less than 1500 friends on Facebook. 

You grow as you go.

Paid Lead Gen:

Ads: $2k for the ad agency, 

To put things into perspective, I spent $1297.10 in ad spend testing budget, and $2k for the agency to run these ads

I generated 66,021 impressions (about 0.019 cents per impression)

3 bootcamp conversions each costing $432.37

Meaning, I lost approx $397 per lead on the front end (without factoring ad agency mgmt fees)

If you compare that to my organic traction, I generated 10x more impressions and $157k in revenue without having to run ads.

I also saved $12,464 in ad spend if I would’ve ran ads for the same amount of impressions at 0.019 cents per impressions – (not conversions)

Now Let’s Compare Organic To Cold Email:

Cold Email Service Provider #1

  • $3k a year ago
  • A few booked calls, not ideal leads, no sales 
  • Lost $3k for “testing”

Cold Email Service Provider #2

  • $8k to get started ($5k setup fee)
  • Took 3 months just to launch first campaign 
  • Campaign finally launched and its working
  • This is still week 2 or 3 of the campaign so no major results to report here yet 
  • So far we’ve had 7 leads reply interested, but no booked calls or sales yet (response time from us was a big issue getting used to)
  • We have one of the best cold emailers in the game so I’m confident this will be amazing once we dial in our processes to support the cold email 
  • The focus point though is that it took startup capital to launch this lead gen avenue for us.
  • Posting content is free.

Sales Conversions:

→ 95% no sales calls: 

  • I did have a few calls that just wanted to jump on a 10-15 min call to confirm that it was a good fit for them or figure out special payment plans to fit their current situation

→ It was all done through content, sales funnels, automations outside of LinkedIn, and 1 bootcamp every 6 weeks.

  • The key here is don’t sell multiple things at once.
  • You don’t need multiple offers.
  • You need one offer. Prove the offer. Scale it up.
  • Everytime you introduce a new offer, you have to “start building from scratch”

Key Takeaways:

  • Post organic content - it’s free and great testing grounds
  • Pre-sell before you build - buildout proven offers otherwise you’ll waste time/money/resources building a stale product
  • Focus on a Single Offer - stop trying to be 2024 era jeff bezos, start by acting like 1994 jeff bezos