Using AI & Automations For Appointment Setting

Using AI & Automations For Appointment Setting

In today's newsletter I'm going to share with you the EXACT step-by-steps of how to set more appointments using AI & Automations

The goal is to show you how to deploy AI and automations to:

✅ solve speed to lead

✅ automate the appt setting qualification process

✅ book more calls with qualified leads.

The funnel steps needed:

Step 1: Opt-In - a form to capture name, email, and phone number

Step 2: Survey (optional) - if you need to capture more insights to optimize your ideal client avatar/offer

Step 3: The thing they opted in for - in my case they opted in for a training so I give them the video, the google doc, and a button to schedule a call

Step 4: Calendar - a place to schedule calls with our head of sales

Step 5: Sales Application - a form to qualify the lead or disqualify if they show red flags that they are not a serious buyer

Step 6: Confirmation - a landing page with content to specifically nurture the lead before the call and handle objections before the call happens

Plus, the automations you will need:

Step 1: speed-to-lead (email, text, AI Agent phone call)

Step 2: nothing, let the AI agent or the form do the work

Step 3: lead nurture reminding them to watch the training or provide additional content regarding of where they are in business, inviting them to schedule a call in your calendar

Step 4: email/sms sequence reminding them of their appointment, sending them case studies, social proof, objection-handling content, etc

Step 5: qualifying/disqualifying logic for the application automation

Step 6: nothing, step 4 is doing all the work for them to show up on the call

There's a variation to be mindful of:

- If you are testing a new offer: the survey step helps to collect more data

- If you already have a proven offer: you would eliminate the survey step and go straight to the next step (deliver the thing they opted in for)

Watch this video to see exactly how it's done:

You have two options:

Option 1: You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and learn how to do it yourself

(It will take time and effort to figure this all out)

My YouTube Channel:

Option 2: You can hire my team to do it for you.

We can get you up and running in less than 30 days.

(The fastest setup we've over done has been a 5 day turn around)

Email me to explore if this solution would make sense for you.

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Or how it would look like for you specifically because B2C/B2B have different processes.

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